Induction Diesel Service = $249.00 + $50 Voucher!

Receive a $50.00 AutoplusWA voucher!

Today’s diesel engines are prone to carbon build up in the manifold causing clogging, add to that the poor quality of diesel fuel we have available in Australia and we have a recipe for a diesel engine not performing at its best!

The solution? Get an AutoplusWA Induction Carbon clean before your next service – increase power, fuel economy and reliability!

So if you have a diesel you can get this service for $249.00 & for a added bonus all diesel induction services will receive a $50.00 AutoplusWA Voucher to spend at AutoplusWA! Book Now 🙂

Please note the oil & filter will need to be changed after a Diesel Induction service as the oil will be flushed with debris and carbon.