Mechanical Services

Logbook Servicing

When buying a new vehicle, the warranty that comes with it offers a certain amount of protection from unexpected expenses early in the vehicle’s life. To maintain this protection, it’s expected that you book your vehicle in with a reputable mechanic for regularly scheduled logbook servicing.

At Autoplus WA we can provide logbook servicing for petrol, diesel, LPG, battery electric and hybrid vehicles, covering all makes and models of passenger cars, light commercial vans and utes. We’ll check your car for any developing problems, and have you back on the road with the peace of mind of an intact warranty.

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European Car Service

At Autoplus WA we specialise in the servicing and repair of European makes and models. The team has access to the latest diagnostic and service equipment to keep your vehicle how the manufacturer intended. Whether you have a BMW or a Mercedes or anything in between, you can trust us with your pride and joy.

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Brake Repairs

Keeping your vehicle’s brakes in good condition is essential to safe motoring, particularly with the stop-and-start nature of urban driving.

With a well-trained specialist on our team, we’re able to repair or replace all areas of your brakes, from worn pads, discs and drums to the brake pedal and hydraulic system. We can also machine brake discs in-house, cutting time on your repairs and getting you on the road sooner. We also encourage customers with concerns about their brakes to ask about our Safe-T-Stop checks for added peace of mind.

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Clutch & Transmission

If you’re having trouble shifting gears or staying in gear, or if you’re experiencing strange noises or smells from underneath the vehicle? It’s usually indicative of trouble with your clutch or transmission. If left unchecked, issues like this can lead to serious problems for your vehicle, so it’s best to nip repairs in the bud.

We can repair your vehicle’s clutch pedal and hydraulics, as well as repair or replace most makes of automatic and manual transmissions.

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Diesel & Petrol Carbon Cleaning

Carbon buildup in your engine can potentially result in your engine misfiring, creating a “sick” sounding engine and hampering your vehicle’s performance. So if you want to increase engine performance, save fuel, reduce engine knock and help our environment by reducing harmful emissions then this service is for you.

We can provide carbon cleaning for all petrol-powered and diesel-powered engines. If you have a diesel you may want to also look at installing a catch can to help reduce the severity of the carbon build up in your engine. It’s recommended if you have a petrol engine to carry out the service every 40 000km, and if you have a diesel every 30 000km.

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Hybrid & BEV Service

The changing face of the automotive industry is best reflected in its adoption of alternative power sources, most recently in Australia with battery-powered electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, able to run on either battery power or conventional fuel.

At Autoplus WA we have the knowhow to service all makes and models of vehicles, including these newer electric and hybrid vehicles. No matter what your car runs on, we’re ready to help you get back on the road.

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Steering & Suspension

A range of ride comfort and handling issues stem from wear and tear in your steering and suspension systems, from play in your steering wheel to body roll when going around corners.

We can service your vehicle’s steering and suspension, from replacing car springs, shock absorbers and bushing to key components of your steering system, including a flush of your power steering to make driving that much easier.

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Fleet Company Service

At Autoplus WA we understand the importance a vehicle has to a business. Every day your company car or delivery van is off the road with a mechanical issue is another day it’s not on the road earning back the money spent to purchase it.

That’s why we’re proud to offer servicing for fleet vehicles to business-owning customers, to help keep your vehicles on the road and earning you money. We work with many of Australia’s fleet services, including Star Card, Fleetcare, Fleet Partners, Fleet Plus and more.

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Cooling System Service

Keeping your engine cool is vital for proper vehicle health. An overheating engine can very quickly lead to an inconvenient breakdown, so if you suspect your vehicle’s overheating it’s best to pull over immediately to let it cool, and carefully drive to our workshop for a cooling check.

We can repair or replace damaged or faulty radiator units, thermostats and leaking hosing, as well as conduct coolant flushes to clean out any blockages that might be interfering with your cooling.

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Other Services

Autoplus WA also offers a range of other services, including:

  • Courtesy vehicles for the duration of repairs
  • Pick-up and drop-off service within the local area
  • Gift vouchers for motoring enthusiasts
  • And much much more

To find out what else we can do for your vehicle, get in touch with us today!