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Welcome To Autoplus WA

Providing quality auto repairs and services to drivers throughout the Midvale area and Perth’s outer eastern suburbs for over 25 years under the old name Midland Autoplus, today Autoplus WA takes pride in giving drivers of all makes and models of vehicles the very best in workmanship, customer service and price. To find out more about our business, or to make a booking for your vehicle, get in touch with our experienced staff today!

Opening Hours

We are open five days a week all year round, excluding public holidays. Monday to Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm Saturdays: by appointment only

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you decide to get into your line of work?

The AutoplusWA family (formerly Midland Autoplus) have been in the automotive industry for over 3 generations, our family continues to grow and work in the industry. We are passionate about cars and giving our customers a great experience with there vehicle service or repair.

What experience, skills, qualifications or training do you have to make you the right person for the job?

All AutoplusWA team members undergo training at least every three to six months to keep up with the latest technology in the ever changing Automotive industry. Just some of the qualifications we hold include, Automotive Mechanical, Automotive Air conditioning, Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicle Servicing and Repair, Cruise Control installation and Injection service. Have a look at our Facebook page to check all the others we have.

What makes your pricing competitive?

Price is important, no one wants to spend more than they have to. But what you have to take into consideration is how much It will cost you in the long run. We only use quality fluids, oils and parts so we may not always be the cheapest. So for a little bit more in the short term you know you won’t be spending more in the long term with parts that don’t last, don’t perform or fail.

How can a customer save money before you start the work?

Always explain everything that has been done to the vehicle now and in the past. This way you might help point us in the right direction quickly so we are able to diagnose and repair your vehicle more efficiently. Information is key when tracking tricky intermittent faults.

What questions should a customer ask to hire the right service professional?

These are questions we would ask when finding a service provider:

  • Are you and your workshop licensed to repair vehicles?
  • Can I have a look at your work shop? Who will work on my car?
  • How long have you been in business for?
  • Where do the majority of your customers come from e.g.: advertising, word of mouth, other business?
  • What parts and oils do you use?

This will give you a good understanding of who you are dealing with.