Month: August 2020

Car Tip #4 – Safety Systems

Is it normal what my car is doing!?

The safety systems on the modern car really do require a great amount of education to understand! But who has the time to read the 500 page manual right???

We for one believe we should all have to do a driver safety course to learn and understand just what your car is capable of doing and what is considered normal and not normal?

It is not uncommon for a modern vehicle to:

  • Shake the steering wheel to alert you
  • Change your steering course
  • Brake for you

And if you ever have to do an emergency brake or are accelerating in the wet it is not uncommon for:

  • The brake pedal to pulse whilst activating ABS
  • The engine to feel like it’s missing when reducing power to prevent slipping
  • Or the accelerate pedal to change feel when accelerating.

Our advice – every car’s safety system is different 🙂 At least read what there is to know about these systems so when your car does something that feels different, you might know why it’s doing it.

Have a car question? Not sure if something is normal or not? Send us a question and we will be more then happy to help!

Car Tip #3 – Looking After Your AC

Question. Do you use your vehicles air-con throughout winter?

Did you read the first question and think to your self, “is Autoplus out of their mind?” If you did then its important to read whats coming next.?

To keep your cars air-con fit for the warmer months that are fast approaching, make sure you run your air-con a few times throughout the winter. This will prevent moving parts in the compressor from seizing and causing it to fail. Also by operating your air-con system it will circulate the refrigerant which will keep the seals throughout the system soft and pliant. So NO we’re not out of our minds, we’re just looking out for you. How many times has a hot day arrived and your air-cons let you down? Get your car summer ready!