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Is Your Car Air Conditioning System Sizzling?

Air-cons, like a lot of things in life, are the type of system we generally don’t put to much focus on until they no longer work. Like a battery that fails when you’re far away, it’s raining and your phone has died, your air-con always tends to stop when it’s hot!

A properly working air conditioning system is definitely something you will miss when its broken though, especially through the long, hot WA summers. But even in the cooler months your air conditioning system can develop leaks that affect your air con’s performance when you need it.

Our team can replace damaged hosing and seals in your vehicle air conditioning system, and replace or repair faulty parts of the system. We’re also able to re-gas and service your system with the refrigerants it needs to keep you and your passengers cool.

If you find your air conditioning system is beginning to smell when you turn it on, this could be a sign of harmful bacteria build up on the systems evaporator. We have the solution with our Autoplus WA Antibacterial Service that will have your system smelling fresh and new.



Regular Car Air Con Regas or Repair Is Important

For optimal efficiency, it is recommended to maintain your air conditioning system every year. Air conditioning systems in a vehicle will decrease in capacity due to factors such as worn broken seals and leaking hoses.

Over time however the system will lose gas, so you won’t always notice the change the same as when a battery dies and you know it’s stopped right away. Slowly each year the system gets less and less efficient, to the point it’s barely working anymore.

Harsh Australian conditions can also cause contaminated bacteria to develop that cause odours. This can be fixed by using an antibacterial treatment that destroys bacteria growth and revives your car’s interior smell.

A typical air conditioning system isn’t only filled with gas but an oil too. Oils that not only help keep the compressor and other moving parts lubricated but help keep the seals and the lines that stop the gas from getting out lubricated and preventing them from drying out and causing leaks, which means you get hot air!

Prior to this is when it’s best to get it serviced and re-gassed as the system may be running low on gas or oil which will not do any favors for the longevity of the system.

Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair

Your air conditioning system is an essential service, its best to keep a proactive approach to observing the symptoms that might lead to a pre-mature failure. Here’s a few key one’s our air conditioning specialists recommend to look out for:

Warm air

One of the last things you would wish for on a hot day is hot air conditioning when it’s already blazing hot outside. If that’s the case it’s likely the system is low on gas so it will not engage or one of the critical compoentents that run the system such as the compressor has worn out..

Generally, these are things that don’t usually improve, and an air conditioning service or repair may be required.

Leaks or water stains

It’s a common side-effect while your air conditioning is on to sometimes develop visible moisture or water running under your vehicle. It’s perfectly normal and a sign of a working system, however excess water or moisture build up in side your car is often a sign of an issue.

The problem can be put right quite easily with a simple check of your cars air conditioning system drain hose which can become blocked over time with debris from outside the car.

Bacteria and residue from this excess build up can cause smells, this can be solved with the use of an antibacterial treatment which destroys bacteria growth and leaves your car fresh, see more on this below.

Foul smells

If your Air-con system is cold but it has a smell this does not necessarily mean it has a leak. It may have bacteria build up on the evaporator which is located behind your dash.

This is caused by the changing temps that allow moisture to build up on the evaporator that leads to a build-up of bacteria. So when you turn your Air-Con on and you get that musty smell, you may need an antibacterial service.

This generally involves running a non-intrusive chemical through a machine placed in your vehicle that kills the bacteria leaving your car with a new car smell rather than a musty one.

Squealing or strange noises

If you’re running your A/C and hearing noises coming from the system, it may be that a belt is requiring replacement or something is about to fail, like the compressor bearings or idler or tensioner pullys. If you hear hissing sounds from insode the car when the system is running it could mean you are getting low on gas due to a leak.

Won’t remove humidity or de-mist the windscreen

Air conditioning systems get used all year round, and not just in the blazing 40 degree WA summers. Often in the chill of winter you’ll be using you system to de-mist the windscreen, and trouble removing humidity can be an early sign of a faulty system.

Reduced airflow

It’s possible to experience reduced fluid flow from the ventilation after years of operation. This can be caused by damaged vent hoods or a dashboard switch. It could also mean the filter the air passes through before it gets to you is blocked or the blower fan is not working as it should. If you feel no air escaping from the vent contact our team to book an air conditioning system check.

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  • 307 reviews

    "Great service and communication. Have never had an issue with the team here, who are honest in all their work. Highly recommend!" Google logo
  • 307 reviews

    "Great service as usual. Won’t be taking my cars anywhere else for servicing." Google logo

What’s Included In An Air Conditioning Service & Re-Gas?

A typical Autoplus WA air conditioning service/repair or regas will include the following:

  • Remove any remaining gas from the system and safely dispose.
  • Fill the system with new approved gas, oil and a die to help find future leaks.
  • Inspecting and replacing the cabin filter.
  • UV light leak inspection.
  • Pressure test.
  • Temperature test.
  • Cabin filter airflow test.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the typical cost to replace or repair an air conditioning system?

Your vehicles air conditioning system has parts costing from $5 for say a seal to $1500 for some Compressors, then there is a whole lot in between and then we have to take in to account how much its going to take to replace it.

So getting an average cost is just grasping at straws. We recommend you book an air con service and inspection, that way you will be able to get some real direction on what it is you need to do which will allow you to make an informed decision.

How often does an air conditioning system need to get serviced?

We recommended a air con service every 12 months or 20k, this will keep the gas and oil levels optimum for peak efficiency and coolness and this will also help pick up and issues before they become big ones.

What are the average wait times for a service or repairs on an air con?

The service can be done in around an hour, however we have tests to do before and after so to be as thorough as possible when booking your AC service we would like the vehicle for a minimum of 2 hours.

Does AutoPlusWA sell quality parts for air con repairs?

We only use reputable suppliers who back us and back there components. Our suppliers know that we want to look after our customers and they share that same passion with us.

We wont fit any supplied parts or sub standard parts, at the end of the day if we do to save a few dollars it’s only going to be a headache for all involved in the future and might see us stuck with hot air again and paying twice.

Do you offer a mobile air conditioner repair service?

At this stage we prefer to do all repairs in house we we have access to all the equipment we need to safely test and repair your cars air conditioning system.

Is there any difference between a refrigerant replacement and a recharge service?

These days it’s illegal just to top up a system without doing a full check and leak test of the system. So essentially a re charge and replacement are the same as in both circumstances we will always remove all the gas and leak check the system before recharging / re gassing or servicing the system.

What parts do you use in your air conditioning repairs?

There are three main components of an air conditioning unit: the condenser, the evaporator, and the blower. The condenser is the outside part of the unit that converts the refrigerant into a liquid so that it can be cooled. The evaporator is the inside part of the unit where the liquid refrigerant turns back into a gas.

How often do air conditioners need regassing?

Air conditioning systems need to be regassed annually or every five years, depending on the size of the system. The life of the gas in your air conditioning system depends on how much use your air conditioner gets. If you run it all the time, it will lose its coolant more quickly.

Can I regas my aircon myself?

To service an Air con system you need to be licenced by the australian government and display the ARC tick. Anyone who handles an Air con system with out this is operating illegally and there are big penalties in Australia for doing so.

Being licenced means we are trained to carry out service and repair of your system and ensure all refrigerants are disposed of safely to look after our environment.