Car Tips #1 – Fuel Gauges

Running on empty?? Check this out!

Welcome to our very first edition of our Car Tip Tuesdays. Be sure to check in each week for new tips and tricks for your car.

Your fuel gauge offers a good estimate of how much fuel you have left in your tank and if we don’t keep our eye on it closely we could get to the point where we run out of fuel. The thing is, we are probably all guilty of seeing the fuel warning light come on the dash at some stage and thinking to ourselves – hmm I think I’ll make it, it’s not that far but this is something that could potentially cost us in the future. You see your fuel pump is submerged in the bottom of your fuel tank and the weight of the fuel helps it to maintain its pressure and keep the fuel pump cool. If we run our car low or on empty on a regular basis this causes your fuel pump to work overtime and it will wear out quicker.

So next time your cars getting low on fuel, don’t wait for that little orange light before you fill it up and save yourself a fuel pump replacement in the future.