Car Tip #4 – Safety Systems

Is it normal what my car is doing!?

The safety systems on the modern car really do require a great amount of education to understand! But who has the time to read the 500 page manual right???

We for one believe we should all have to do a driver safety course to learn and understand just what your car is capable of doing and what is considered normal and not normal?

It is not uncommon for a modern vehicle to:

  • Shake the steering wheel to alert you
  • Change your steering course
  • Brake for you

And if you ever have to do an emergency brake or are accelerating in the wet it is not uncommon for:

  • The brake pedal to pulse whilst activating ABS
  • The engine to feel like it’s missing when reducing power to prevent slipping
  • Or the accelerate pedal to change feel when accelerating.

Our advice – every car’s safety system is different 🙂 At least read what there is to know about these systems so when your car does something that feels different, you might know why it’s doing it.

Have a car question? Not sure if something is normal or not? Send us a question and we will be more then happy to help!