Tyres & Alignments


3D Wheel Alignments

Having your wheels aligned correctly to your vehicle ensures that your tyres are subject to more even tyre wear, prolonging the life of your tyres, as well as giving you more stability and control behind the wheel.

Our team can conduct wheel alignments for all makes and models of light vehicles, to minimise tyre wear and maximise your control on the road.

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All Major Tyre Brands Supplied

Picking the right set of tyres for your vehicle means more than just matching your vehicle’s make and model. To get the most out of your new set of rubber, it’s best to also consider the condition of the surface you’ll be taking it on, typical weather conditions, even your own habits as a driver.

We can recommend the perfect set of rubber for your vehicle, selecting from a comprehensive range of tyres for all manner of vehicles from most of Australia’s most trusted tyre brands.

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Car Weighbridge & Corner Weights

How your vehicle’s weight is distributed around your vehicle can significantly affect the way your vehicle handles on the road, from body roll when negotiating corners to increased stress on your vehicle’s suspension or tyres.

Our workshop is equipped with a weighbridge to accurately assess exactly how much weight is carried by each individual wheel. We can use what we find in this test to help you distribute weight throughout the vehicle more effectively for better tyre wear and ride comfort.

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Tyre Balance & Rotation

A poorly balanced tyre can take a toll on the life of your tyre, potentially leading to an unexpected blowout much sooner than your tyre should last.

To help prevent this, the team at AutoplusWA can thoroughly test and rebalance your tyre on the rim, ensuring even tyre wear and minimal effect on the way your vehicle handles. We’ll also rotate your tyres, mitigating the effect of uneven vehicle loads by switching the position of your tyres to spread tyre wear as evenly as possible.

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Safe T Stop

The Safe-T-Stop brake, alignment and suspension test report is an accurate and easy to understand condition report on your wheel alignment, suspension and brake analysis. We carry this test out with all AutoplusWA services to ensure piece of mind and safety. Adjustments can be made that will deliver you real savings on your motoring and ensure your brakes operate at peak performance.

Our specialty Safe-T-Stop equipment allows us to conduct testing of your vehicle’s wheel alignment, suspension and braking effectiveness, all in the space of a matter of seconds, uncovering problems that need repair swiftly and getting you back on the road sooner.

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Puncture Repair

Should you be struck with a blown tyre while on the road, the team at AutoplusWA is on hand to help.

We’re able to repair punctures providing it is not in apart of the tyre that can not be repaired safely. We can also repair damaged rims.

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Suspension Testing

A range of ride comfort and handling issues stem from wear and tear in your steering and suspension systems, from play in your steering wheel to body roll when going around corners.

Our sophisticated suspension testing will provide an accurate assessment of how your suspension system distributes weight and manages unevenness in the road surface, allowing us to formulate the ideal suspension solution for your vehicle.

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Tyre & Rim Upgrades

Autoplus WA stocks a wide range of rims and tyres for all makes and models, from passenger cars to light commercials, and can recommend the best tyre for your vehicle and driving style. We also offer fitting and balancing services, as well as a wheel alignment for maximum grip and control on the road.

We supply products from many major tyre brands for all makes and models of cars, vans, trucks and 4×4, and also handle fitting, and balancing and wheel alignment to ensure you get the most out of your new set of wheels.

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