DOT Inspections

What to expect for your Department of Transport inspection

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Department of Transport Inspections

If your car, trailer or caravan is unregistered or has a defect notice it will be subjected to a roadworthiness examination by a mechanic approved by the Department of Transport.

At Autoplus WA we have a full time department of transport inspector who can offer these examinations onsite for all passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles under 4.5 tonnes. MRB106.

See our vehicle inspections page for all your warranty/insurance, pre-purchase, digital and general inspection needs.


Unlicensed Vehicle Inspections

If your vehicle’s registration has lapsed, it can’t be re-registered without first being inspected by a Department of Transport authorised inspection station.

At Autoplus WA we have a full time department of transport inspector who can offer these examinations onsite for all passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles under 4.5 tonnes. Provided it meets our state’s requirements for vehicles of its type, your vehicle will be given a clean bill of health, and be allowed to be re-registered.

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Yellow Sticker Inspection

When your vehicle is found to be unroadworthy, it can be issued with a Department of Transport defect notice, more commonly referred to as a work order or yellow sticker. These are issued with an expiry date, after which your vehicle loses its registration and can’t be used on WA roads.

At Autoplus WA we have a full-time Department of Transport inspector, who can inspect your vehicle to verify that our auto technicians have had the necessary repairs made to your vehicle, allowing you to get back on the road with minimum hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Autoplus WA have full control over inspections and processes?

D.O.T Audit and monitor the system and have the final say on all vehicles. The system automatically detects certain vehicle criteria and flags it as needing attention. The processes that are in place are there to keep you and other road users safe on our roads.

Does Autoplus WA Control fee price?

No, The D.O.T controls all pricing and the DOT system creates the invoice.

Why does my vehicle need a full inspection when it’s just run out of Rego?

D.O.T requires a full inspection to confirm the vehicle is roadworthy to be registered again, regardless of how long it was registered before.

I have been told I only have to repair the items listed on my yellow sticker/defect notice?

Unfortunately, this is incorrect. All yellow stickers require a Full inspection, this is written on the lower part of the yellow sticker.

I bought my car from a dealership or privately as it is, why did I get a yellow sticker or fail the inspection now?

The dealer or previous owner may have purchased the vehicle like this and not been aware of the illegal items on the vehicle. Unless the dealer or purchaser of the vehicle was to carry out a Department Of Transport Inspection some illegal items may not come up. For example, if someone fits a long range fuel tank to a vehicle and never gets the modification permits and approval when fitting this would be classed as illegal in Western Australia. This is normally not found until the vehicle gets a yellow sticker or runs out of rego and then has to be inspected.

Why is it illegal to have an Engine Light, Warning Light or Airbag or Brake light on the dash?

These lights are fault lights to let you know there is a problem. When the light is on the safety feature is NOT working and in an accident could cause injury or death.

Why does my car need a modification permit?

Under D.O.T rules any item added or replaced with a non-factory item requires a permit. Including if your car came out with extractors from the factory, as soon as you fit aftermarket extractors you need a permit. Autoplus WA can supply you with a moving permit or you can purchase one through the Department of Transport Website. Click here to view more info.

Why does my car need an immobilizer?, when I bought it it didn’t have one?

The fitment of an immobilizer falls upon the purchaser to organise and must be done when a car becomes unregistered or its a eastern states transfer. This is a Western Australia government law and is required on vehicles from 1991 onwards.

My car is a repairable write-off, what do I need to do to have it licensed?

Once you have finished the repairs the vehicle must first be examined at a WOVA station, please go to this link to ensure you have carried out all the required steps before presenting the vehicle for inspection at a Department of Transport Inspection Station as the vehicle can not be passed with out the required WOVA forms.

What is the longest extension I have on my yellow sticker?

To obtain an extension you must have a Department Of Transport Inspection carried out. You can only get an extension if there is nothing dangerous on your vehicle for example Bald tyres. Once inspected D.O.T allow a max of 2 weeks for 1st extension, 2 weeks for 2nd extension and 1 week for 3rd extension. There are sometimes exceptions to the rule like waiting for engineering approval from DOT. All extensions require the vehicle to have a Full Inspection first. The inspection does not guarantee D.O.T will grant you an extension.

Can you carry out Uber and Annual inspections?

Yes we can, please bring in any relevant paperwork you have received from the Department Of Transport so we can complete the inspection process.